International Historian, Scholar and Educator.

Editorial & Media Contributions

Feature Article, The Globe and Mail, ” Expat Dispatches: The View From Colorado, a Presidential Swing State,” 5 Sept. 2012.

Consultant Editor to Paul Almond, OC.  Song of Earth (In Progress).

Feature Article, Daniel Punch, “Author Exposes Indigenous Connection,” Sarnia Observer, 14 February 2012.

Interviewed for and quoted in Jorge Barrera, “Curb Provincial Power over Army, says ex-Senior Bureaucrat,” Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, 5 October 2010.

Feature Article, Kassina Ryder, “DEW Line Impact Discussed: Elders and Youth Ponder Changes,” Nunavut News/North, 8 March 2010.

Consultant Editor to Erica Myers-Davis with Forwards by HRH Prince Harry and Lance-Corporal Johnson Beharry VC.  Under One Flag: How Indigenous and Ethnic Peoples of the Commonwealth and British Empire helped Britain win World War II.  London, U.K.: Get Publishing, 2009.

Interviewed for and quoted in Jorge Barrera and Jack Branswell, “Black-market Cigarettes Could Fund Terrorism, RCMP Fear,” Canwest News Service, 27 October 2009.

Peer Reviewer to Ontario History.

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